Study guides from undergrad

I really enjoy making study guides! Here are a couple I’m especially proud of, and I hope they are useful resources for other students.

EECS 396: Statistical Machine Learning The professor shared the topic being tested by every problem on the final, so I organized course content around it.

Math 312: Number Theory One of my favorite classes (and subjects) of all time. I shared this with the class and passed it on to many students who would take the course after me. I still hear from people who use it, which makes me really happy.

Math 320: Real Analysis This class ⁠makes robust everything we know and love from calculus. In this study guide I try to outline approaches to common problems and provide examples of functions with interesting properties.

Math 307: Applications of Linear Algebra More of a formula sheet than a study guide.

Alisa Liu
Alisa Liu

PhD student in natural language processing