Alisa Liu

University of Washington

Hi! I am a first-year PhD student in computer science at the University of Washington, advised by Yejin Choi and Noah Smith. I graduated this Spring from Northwestern University with majors in computer science and math. There, I was super fortunate to work in the fields of natural language processing and computer audition with Professor Doug Downey, Professor Bryan Pardo, and Dr. Prem Seetharaman.


  • Natural language processing
  • Machine learning
  • Machine processing of music and audio


  • PhD student, 2020 - present

    University of Washington

  • BA in Computer Science, Mathematics, 2020

    Northwestern University


Model Selection for Deep Audio Source Separation via Clustering Analysis

Ensemble model for audio source separation, using a confidence measure to mediate among domain-specific models

Incorporating Music Knowledge in Continual Dataset Augmentation for Music Generation

A generative data augmentation method for music generation systems on a resource-constrained domain

Bach or Mock? A Grading Function for Chorales in the Style of J.S. Bach

An automatic, interpretable, and musically-motivated grading function for Bach chorales

Multi-sense Definition Modeling using Word Sense Decompositions

Definition generation for multiple senses of a word

CODAH: An Adversarially Authored Question-Answer Dataset for Common Sense

An adversarially-constructed dataset for common sense QA, collected from Northwestern ML students!


CS 336: Design & Analysis of Algorithms

peer mentor, with Professor Jason Hartline (Fall 2019)

EECS 349: Machine Learning

peer mentor, with Professor Bryan Pardo (Spring 2019)

CPSC 121: Models of Computation

undergraduate TA, with Professors Alice Gao, Steve Wolfman, Ryan Vogt (Term 2 2018)


Some study guides I've made

I really enjoy making study guides! Here are a couple I'm especially proud of, and I hope they are useful resources for other students. …